Friday, October 2, 2009

Quilter's Garden First Blog

Yes, we finally got with the times! We are blogging! Oh, this is fun!!! We just have so much to share that we felt it was imperative to begin! Beth and I have begun our quilts for next year's Garden Club. They are turning out great. As our e-mail blast said, we are doing them in country and batik. I wonder which of us is doing country and which is doing batik? - In the knitting end of things, we just ordered some new Plymouth yarns and Swedish yarns. We have really been scouting for yarns to make prayer shawls. It is such a wonderful ministry and I saw the comfort given to my roommate from college last week when she wrapped in a prayer shawl after losing her 16 year old son. It still gives me goose bumps when I think about her putting it around her! - We will look forward to blogging and keeping you posted on "what is happenin'" at Quilter's Garden. Be sure and mark our blogspot as a favorite on your computer and in the future we will have a link from our website. Ta Ta

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  1. OH NO! This means that I have to get with the times also! :-( But on the other hand I now have another excuse for my unfinished quilts and projects---"I was blogging!" :-) Rosanna